The Seto Marine Biological Laboratory (SMBL), Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University, will commemorate its centennial anniversary in 2022. 

The SMBL, situated on Bansho-zaki in Shirahama-cho on the western coast of the Kii Peninsula, boasts a prime location for researching various facets of marine biology. The warm oceanic current, Kuroshio, transports warm seawater and an abundance of tropical marine biota to the Kii Peninsula, providing a diverse array of marine invertebrates and algae. 

Throughout its storied history, SMBL has been a central institution in Japan for the study of taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny, evolution, ecology, behavior, development, and other natural history sciences of marine biota, utilizing the region's exceptionally rich flora and fauna as the foundation for these studies. 

We invite you to peruse the accomplishments of SMBL on this website, and to join us in commemorating the 100-year milestone (see Centennial Highlights on this website). 

We look forward to embarking on a promising future as SMBL enters its second century.

Akira Asakura

Director, Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University

Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Kyoto University (SMBL), has been a leading force in biological discovery and research training on marine invertebrates since its founding in 1922. During 2022 the laboratory will celebrate its centennial anniversary.

Located in the west coast of Kii Peninsula in the seaside of Shirahama-cho, Wakayama, SMBL is the second oldest marine biological laboratory in Japan. From the beginning, SMBL has been promoting natural history science such as taxonomy, ethology and ecology. Currently, in addition to these, research on molecular phylogenetics is also being conducted.

SMBL is taking a step towards the next 100 years with the goal of developing scientific research and enhancing research training on marine invertebrates.

You can see the history and achievements of SMBL on this web-site.

I hope you are interested in the 100th anniversary event.

Michitaka Shimomura

Director, Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University

Director, Shirahama Aquarium, Kyoto University

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